Visual Website Optimizer Visual Website OptimizerOk, it’s not really a statistics or even an SEO tool. It’s a tool for A/B split testing but I use it in my SEO as well. One good use for the SEO is that you can learn what your visitors are actually looking for and user intent is of course something very important in SEO. It’s more or less the same as Googles tool but a lot easier to use and with a smarter interface. Give it a try, they have a free trial too. Best On Site Optimization Tools Pineberry SEO Analysis Tool PineberryPineberry built a tool for testing and rating a page a few years ago and it’s still the best tool out there for this. It will tell you what you need to improve and rate the importance of all the changes with a score. It’s fast and simple to use even for the most novice SEO beginners. If you’re a real beginner I’d like to point out that there is more to SEO than On Page, this tool will give you a lot of good pointers on that but there are other aspects you’re missing.