SEO: This is the most important section of the entire HTML structure of your website from SEO perspective. Here you are going to insert the title tags, the meta description and even the search engine analytics code is most likely to get its place here. Moreover, the head tag houses some other crucial tags like the meta tags, and of course the all-important rel=”canonical” tags. All of these will be discussed individually in the points below. However, due to its overall importance, I felt that the head tag should itself have a point of its own. Usability: From a usability point of view, the head tag may not seem important, since this section is not going to affect the look and feel of the website (save for the title tag). However, since much of the content of the head tag will be reflected in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), if this content is perceived as deceitful or unprofessional, it will keep users from clicking to access your site. Google and other search engines will be using the content of the meta tags in the head tag in order to decide the snippet of your website. Thus, you need to make it as clean and usable as possible.